The Center for Online and Distance Education announces the first cohort of the Quality Assurance Ambassador Program (QAAP).  The QAAP is designed to promote quality in online course design and teaching through a voluntary peer review process.  The faculty Ambassador’s serve as advocates for quality in online course design to promote student success and retention of online learners.   The QAAP is a faculty development initiative under the leadership of Dr. Yvette Sands, Instructional Designer in the Center for Online and Distance Education. Ambassador’s will conduct reviews of online courses offered within their respective department or college.

In addition to mentoring and coaching activities, each Ambassador must complete the following training courses offered by Quality Matters:

  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) – A two-week online course which reviews the Quality Matters standards for online higher education courses.
  • Peer Reviewer Course (PRC) – A three-week, intensive course designed to prepare faculty to review online courses based on the Quality Matters Rubric for Higher Education.   Participants in the course must conduct a practice peer review which provides them a first-hand experience on conducting course reviews and providing feedback to faculty.

Dr. Susan Kwosek
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Reginald Williams
Department of Education

Dr. S. Craig Littlejohn
Associate Professor
Department of Engineering
Industrial Engineering Program

Dr. Janice Hawes
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of English and Communications

Dr. Audrey McCrary-Quarles
Department of Health Sciences

Dr. LaToya Johnson
Assistant Professor
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences