Blackboard Help for Students

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m receiving an error message when attempting to submit quizzes. Are there any solutions?

Remind students that successfully taking a test in Blackboard requires them to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • DO NOT use the browser’s back button to navigate during a test. The back button will invariably result in an error
  • Do not begin a test unless you have time to complete it. Once you open an exam, you should finish and submit (particularly if Force Completion is turned on)
  • Do not take a test or quiz on a mobile device unless your professor has told you it will be compatible
  • If you finish the test and submit but get an error message, contact your professor immediately
How do I submit an assignment inside my Blackboard course?
  • From the Course Menu, select the Content Area that holds the assignment, which will most likely be “Assessments”.
  • Select the name of the assignment. 

On the Upload Assignment page, download any files provided by your professor or instructor and complete the assignment using one or both of the following:

  • In the Submission box, type your response. The Text Editor functions may be used to format the text and include files, images, external links, multimedia, or 
  • If your response to the assignment is in a separate file, click Browse My Computer and select a file to attach.

    Note: The “Do not attach” option appears next to an uploaded file. If you have selected an incorrect file, you can remove it with this option. 

  • Select submit

Which browser do I use to access my Blackboard course?
  • Blackboard recommends using Google Chrome as the preferred browser.
  • Mozilla Firefox is also compatible with Blackboard and can be used
How do I reset my Blackboard login password?

Use the new Login tool by dialing 1844-348-1608